We’ve performed or provided oversight on more than 900 projects involving various components of RCRA Permitting. We focus on the review process—including completeness, adequacy and technical reviews—providing site visits, verification and compliance assessments. We’re experienced in all aspects of public involvement in the permitting process, including: conducting public meetings and workshops; preparing and finalizing written and verbal materials; providing expert witness support; and preparing responses to public comments.

To achieve RCRA permit requirements, TLI Solutions has performed all aspects of RCRA corrective action programs, from conducting RFIs/CMSs, to preparing CMI Work Plans, implementing remedies, and preparing RCRs. The work has been performed at heavily regulated sites with organic chemical and metal contaminated soil, and chlorinated solvent contaminated groundwater.  TLI Solutions also has extensive experience preparing NFA petitions which requires screening level human health and ecological risk assessments. TLI Solutions has prepared numerous petitions that have led to the selection of NFA as the preferred remedy for closure of various RCRA regulated sites.