Site Assessments: TLI Solutions has conducted more than 1,000 Environmental Site Assessments for federal, state, and local government agencies. We specialize in technical and regulatory issues, providing technical and legal personnel who utilize highly specialized science, engineering, and legal capabilities to address a wide variety of environmental concerns. Our multi-disciplinary background allows us to provide comprehensive site history reports; in-depth interviews with site employees and local residents to support process and waste management assessments; title searches in concurrence with regulatory file reviews and corporate research; and a staff trained in regulatory inspection procedures.

TLI Solutions conducts Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments in accordance with EPA requirements set forth in 40 CFR 312, “Standards and Practices for all Appropriate Inquiries: Final Rule” and the current ASTM. Our focus includes: (1) Identifying existing or potential environmental liabilities, (2) assessing how this information may affect future land use, (3) identifying alternative actions to address the identified liabilities, (4) defining the extent of environmental impacts and (5) providing baseline information for use in property-related negotiations.

RI/FS: Our experience includes developing site- or project-specific RI/FS plans, including preparing work plans; sampling and analysis plans; health and safety plans; and supporting community relations plans. For remedial investigations, we: perform site characterizations, determine the nature and extent of contamination, evaluate the fate and transport of contaminants, and assess risks to human health and the environment. To help define site conditions, we conduct field investigations, which include geophysical surveying, monitoring well design and installation, and multimedia sampling and monitoring. For feasibility studies, we develop, screen, and perform detailed evaluations and analysis of alternative remedial actions to provide decision makers with adequate information to permit selection of an appropriate remedy for the site or operable unit.